Lost Lands Music Festival

The Lost Lands Music Festival is a ten day extravaganza featuring legendary DJs, artists, and more from throughout the world. The first installment brought together an equally impressive line up of musical talent from many different countries. And, just like any good music festival, this one had a number of standouts. But, it didn't take the audience by surprise: rather, it built upon the hype that the festival generated.

Lost Lands Music Festival


For those unfamiliar with music festivals, they are typically held in small towns across the world where large crowds can be expected. In contrast to the crowds that typically gather at rock concerts, the lineup for the Lost Lands Music Festival drew a crowd that numbered in the thousands. Most of the acts on the bill have worldwide fan bases, but this band especially generated a significant buzz due to their lengthy absence from last year's lineup. Headlining artist David Bowie was only set to play a handful of shows in his career, but his presence alone was enough to excite the crowd into dancing, singing, and clapping like no one ever has before.


Though the original lineup featured such icons as Kanye West, Rihanna, and David Bowie, the lineup featured more than a few heavy hitters from the new music industry. Skrillex and Diplo were joined by Skrillex and Axl Rose to kick off the festival with a string of classics, including "Clintons" and "Pimps and Strangers." Along with artists like Skrillex and Diplo, you also got a host of DJs that played everything from house to bass, everything from hip hop to tribal, and everything in between. With the Lost Lands Music Festival quickly becomes one of the biggest draws in Germany, it's no wonder that festival goers have taken notice.

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